Towards a symbolic representation of an indoor environment

Philippe Hoppenot*, Gilbert Pradel*, Catalin Caleanu**, Nicolas Perrin*, Vincent Sommeilly*

* LSC, 40 rue du Pelvoux, F-91020 Evry Cedex
hoppenot |

** Applied Electronics Department,
Polytehnica University of Timisoara
Bv. V. Parvan, nr.2, RO-1900 Timisoara

Abstract: This paper describes a frescoes based method aiming at the representation of an indoor environment for mobile robot navigation. In particular, it shows fresco’s landmarks construction and two selection criteria: barycentre and resemblance. The experimental results yield optimal threshold values for the above mentioned criteria, leading to the development of a language for indoor environment representation.

Keywords: qualitative environment representation, indoor navigation, mobile robotics, disabled people assistance